American Wildlife Enterprises (AWE) Introduces Drone Tracking Services

American Wildlife Enterprises (AWE) is excited to announce the launch of our new drone
tracking services, with two certified drone pilots. Using cutting-edge drone technology, we offer efficient and high-quality telemetry solutions for wildlife monitoring and management initiatives. With drones, we can cover large areas quickly, making them an ideal tool for telemetry applications. Flying at an altitude of 200-300 feet above ground level (AGL) significantly extends the reception distance of transmitters, allowing us to track animals over vast landscapes. AWE utilizes the Freefly Systems Astro Drone, a high-performance American-made UAV, in conjunction with Wildlife Drone’s telemetry Receiver, the “Dragonfly”. This powerful telemetry receiver enables us to simultaneously track up to 40 animals, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

The Drone’s speed, paired with the Dragonfly’s exceptional capabilities, allows for rapid coverage of expansive territories. The Dragonfly can track up to 40 animals simultaneously and displays the pulse rate of detected transmitters. A visual representation of the pulse rate allows the researcher to rapidly determine if a transmitter has entered “mortality mode”. Real-time data captured by the Dragonfly is transmitted to the Wildlife Drones Base Station Laptop, showing the approximate location of the tagged animal. By monitoring multiple tags simultaneously, drone tracking significantly improves efficiency, particularly in large-scale tracking operations. Whether it’s tracking elusive species or addressing conservation challenges, AWE’s drone telemetry services provide invaluable insights for research and management initiatives. Please reach out to us by clicking on the “contact” button at the top of the page for additional information.


About Wildlife Drones:

Wildlife Drones

Wildlife Drones has developed the world’s most innovative drone-based telemetry system to support wildlife professionals and researchers in the collection of meaningful data on a variety of species. Combined with our unique mapping software, this system is an innovative and cost- effective approach to protecting and monitoring animals and to see the real-time locations of up to 40 tagged animals simultaneously.



About Freefly Systems

Free Fly Systems

Freefly Systems is an American corporation that designs and manufactures high quality drones and camera systems used throughout the world. The Freefly Drone is extremely stable, reliable, fast and is the perfect match for the Dragonfly receiver. The company headquarters are in Woodinville, Washington.