VHF Transmitters

AWE builds a variety of radio transmitters for wildlife research ranging from 0.4 grams to large, long-range units. While our major emphasis is on avian telemetry systems, we build transmitters for reptiles and small mammals, including bats. Currently, we do not build transmitters for salt-water fish or large mammals. Click on the “Critters with Mitters” tab to view a sample of AWE transmitters on various species.

Our selection of avian transmitters range from miniature glue on units to long-range, multi-year transmitters. Our transmitters come in a variety of attachment styles including glue-on, with or without gauze, backpack, necklace, collar, suture and subcutaneous implant. All 3-volt model are integrated circuit controlled so that pulse frequency and pulse spacing are extremely stable. In addition, 3-volt models can be modified for mortality,  dormancy, or activity mode at no additional charge. Temperature sensing is available on all 3-volt units.  Reed switch activation is standard on all models.

To explore the various transmitter possibilities, a transmitter selection table is attached to this web page. The units listed in this table are only a beginning point in your search for a transmitter. The next step is to contact us so that we can discuss your particular situation in more detail. Please refer to the Product Inquiry Form Link to submit a request for additional information. All transmitters are fully encapsulated with a waterproof coating and are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship. Most transmitters can be refurbished, for half the cost of a new unit. If you have questions about VHF transmitters, biotelemetry or wildlife monitoring contact us at 850-508-4111 or click on the contact us tab at the top of the page.